Explaining Child Life

I have been asked on several occasions “What is a Child Life Specialist?” During  my college years, my elevator speech on child life has grown immensely. It is vital that you have an elevator speech ready when talking to individuals about Child Life.  An elevator speech is a clear, brief message about a particular job or situation (i.e. child life). It communicates that you know the topic at hand and are well versed within the subject.  The speech is typically about 30 seconds.

People will ask the above question and by having a speech ready will not only help you with your child life spiel, but it will also educate those around you about a field that is not known in every medical facility as of yet.

I have inspired people to seek more information on this profession and have guided students towards a career they didn’t even knew existed. I had a friend come up to me once and say “Because you took the time to explain child life, I decided to look more into the profession and become a Certified Child Life Specialist.” Hearing my friend utter those words really made my day. Up to that point my friend had no idea what she wanted to major in during her college years. While this has added an extra individual to compete against for a Child Life internship, it was worth it. Now my friend looks forward to classes every day and she looks forward to working in an area where her passion will grow daily.

Here is an example of my elevator speech. “Child Life Specialist are professionals who aid children and their families through life’s toughest challenges. Child Life Specialist help to ease the child’s fear’s of any misconceptions about the hospital. Child Life provides support, guidance and resources to to parents, siblings, and other family members. Child life explain medical procedures through therapeutic activities and let the children explore their fears through something they know best-play.” Until next time!



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