Mended Heart Bear…

Do you know someone who is currently in the hospital for open heart surgery? Perhaps it is an aunt, uncle, grandparent, parent or maybe even a child. Spending time in the hospital can be a scary and uneasy time for everyone! Especially a child. They are in an unfamiliar place, seeing unfamiliar people, sounds, smells and maybe experiencing unfamiliar tastes.


The child or relative is a little apprehensive about their surgery and you want to get them something during their stay. Something special, but what do you give them? A few months back I was surfing pinterest (see my link to my pinterest account on the right hand side) and I discovered a bear called: Mended Heart Bear. This teddy bear has a functional zipper on the chest and a red felt heart that is mended with white stitches (see picture).

This bear is a great gift and the children will like having a toy that has the same scar as them.

Bummer Bears were created by Jenny Robbins after her Aunt Mary had open heart surgery. She wanted to get her aunt something special, and her mom mentioned that her aunt collected teddy bears. So Jenny went out and bought a brown teddy bear, a zipper, a felt heart and some white stitching (for the scar). That was the first mended heart bear in the bummer bear collection.

Jenny then made a second mended heart bear for a friend who was also having open heart surgery. After that Jenny realized she had to make more bears with other injuries (or bummers) as she calls them. Jenny says the best part of the Bummer Bear business is seeing pictures of children (or adults) with their bummer bear.

Child Life note: What a great way to explain to a child about open heart surgery. I know these can’t be washed, but giving them as a gift would be amazing.

Below you will find the link to order a bear. They are $46.00+free shipping. You can also buy them in bulk. Also, there is a second and third link. One leading to other bummer bears and the other is a link for Jenny’s story about the bear. (link to buy) (more about the bear) (link to other bummer bears. Sadly, they are sold out, but you could probably email Jenny and ask about the others). The broken arm is another one that would be good for Child Life Specialist.

Until next time!


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