Happy Child Life Month!


This is my first child life month as a blogger! So excited!


March is Child Life Month. Even though I am a student, I would like to take a moment to point out this month that is dedicated to an amazing profession…

Child Life Specialist dedicate their careers to helping children understand their medical conditions, medical procedures, and they provide age appropriate actives, use words that children are able to comprehend and makes sure children are able to cope effectively during their hospital stay. A Child Life Specialist notices the smallest of things and makes it their top priority.

What better way to honor those who aid hospitalized children? Right!? So, how do you actually go about celebrating Child Life Specialist? You could honor those CLS in your hospital with:

Posters and Other Displays

  1. This can be done by having a poster stating the mission statement, vision and values of child life.
  2. Develop five posters showcasing the: Who, what, when, where and why of child life.   *Remember not everyone knows about child life.
  • Who: general information on education, certification, training, photo of the staff with information on each specialist.
  • What:  What is Child life’s role and history of the profession at the hospital
  • When: When are the CLS available?
  • Where: Where are CLS located within the hospital? (i.e. PICU, ER, PEDS, NICU etc.).
  • Why: Why is child life important?
  1. Create a graffiti wall (large sheets of colored paper) and have other medical professionals sign it and say what they like about child life, and why they think it is an important medical profession.

Educational/Informative Events

  1. Plan a child life staff retreat
  2. Host a child life open house
  3. Send short educational child life messages

Special Projects and Giveaways

  • Especially for staff
  1. Provide distraction toys to the staff (i.e. bubbles!)
  2. Luncheon or ice cream—who doesn’t love ice cream!
  3. Have children create child life shirts or other item (hats, fanny packs)
  4. Create a video of other medical professionals showing their graduate for child life. Don’t forget the fun and upbeat music!

Staff Appreciation

  1. Lunch or ice cream!
  2. Order child life shirts or other useful items (maybe cool and fun bags for CLS to carry their distraction and educational toys in!)


These are just a few ways one can recognize child life during March. You can find these and other ideas on the child life website: https://www.childlife.org/child-life-profession/child-life-month/suggested-activities.


Even though I am still a student, I can’t wait to take part in child life month as an actual CCLS! Happy Child Life month everyone!


Until next time!



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