One Year Blog Anniversary!



Hard to believe that I have been blogging for an entire year! On July 6, 2016, I began blogging. I had no idea where the blog was going to go and not to mention the countless questions that were going through my head. Would I have enough topics to last a while? Would I have a large audience?  Would people like my blog post? My blog has been mostly about Child Life, but I look forward to making a post or two about my book series that I have written, my faith and a few other topics.

As a year, has come and gone, I would like to take a moment to look back on some past blog post. I have blogged about different types of organizations: Little Wish Foundation and Child Mind Institute. I have blogged about Child Life Month, toys based on diagnosis and explaining death to a child and more! However, my favorite blog post so far is when I accepted a child life practicum this past fall.

Each of my posts has taught me that there are different needs for families, patients, bloggers and for myself. While this blog may be for my own enjoyment and to spread awareness for Child Life, I hope that I am inspiring someone to seek the best career path for them. I hope I am helping a family or patient who may have diabetes or have a prosthetic leg (A Doll Just Like Me post). Whatever the reason may be, I hope that I continue to encourage and inspire students, patients and families alike.

As I look forward to yet another year of blogging, I anticipate what will happen with my blog and also with my journey as a child life student.

Until next time!



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