It’s Graduation Day!


its-graduation-day-anna-memeToday is the day…GRADUATION DAY from Ball State University! YAY! Glad to know that I will be graduating with all THREE areas of concentration in my area of study: Child Development, Child Life and Family Studies! Hard work and persistence pays off.

It took a lot of determination and support from my family, friends and my faith to get me through those years of ups and downs. I never gave up, I knew that God had this amazing plan for my life (and still does), I just had to take a couple of steps back to see it. I knew from the moment I started my journey at BSU that I was meant to be a Certified Child Life Specialist and I also knew the journey wasn’t going to be an easy one. Boy did I discover that as I went through those years. But as I went through those trials and shed many, many tears, I also discovered that I was one that didn’t give up easily. If I wanted the degree in child life (out of all three, child life was the HARDEST to achieve), I was going to have to fight for it and fight for it I did.

Without any further ado, I am pleased to announce that at 12:00PM I will be a graduate of Ball State University! Hard work ALWAYS pays off!


Next step locating a Child Life job!


Until next time!


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