One Month into My Adventure!



Hard to believe I have been at my internship an entire month! The time is really flying. During this past month, I have really learned a lot and helped kids and their families cope during their hospital stay. For example, I have helped patients with Asthma treatments, stiches, blood draws, IV starts, Psych visits, and guided a small child through a dog bite who came into the ER. The patient was such a trooper.

For this patient I used bubbles as a good distraction and relationship builder. While the child engaged with the bubbles, I explained to mom and dad who I was and what my role was at the hospital. While playing with a bubble app on the I-pad a medical student came in to irrigate the wound. This allowed me to tell the child that it was going to be cold, but to keep looking at the I-pad, which by than I had a Dora the Explore episode playing.

As I prepped the patient, I realized God has me in the right field. Many take part in internships (for any major) and realize that is not what they want to do. I am blessed and so thankful I am in the right line of work.

I have even been told that I have been the best person that a family has met since being at the hospital. Or being told by a patient’s mother that I have really made a difference within their child’s hospital stay (i.e. different activities and taking the time to engage with the patient). Or having another patient’s mother tell me that I did an excellent job with her child, and that it showed that I love working with children.

All the experience I have had (so far) has really made a good internship. Because of that, I can go into a room and be confident, be knowledgeable and be a smiling face to a family who may be going through a tough moment in their lives.

I can’t wait to see where the next 10 weeks takes me! Within that time, I will learn, grow and I am certain the time will elapse quickly!


Until Next Time!


First Week Down!



As most of you know, I began my child life internship on Monday. During this first week, I really learned a lot, and will continue to as the weeks come and go. The first week, I learned about Buzzy (man I needed that as a kid! That would have saved so many tears and screams!), different medical terms and conditions (they always seem to amaze me…not sure if that is in a good way or bad way. Lol), Epic (the hospitals charting system) and much more. I do know one thing for sure, my nerves finally got better and I became more relaxed as the week progresses, I can only improve from here and become a better CLS (Child Life Student) and later on a better Child Life Specialist.

I will say though, one of my favorite opportunities I had this week was to facilitate a scavenger hunt for an 11-year-old patient. She had to get out of bed and walk the unit. I asked her if she wanted to go on a scavenger hunt with me and she got really excited! I told her that if she found all the stickers (18 total) that she could have a prize from the child life closet. Having that is a good incentive the patient went on the scavenger hunt and before she knew she had walked around the unit, the patient found all the stickers. Going to the CL closet, I told her she was great at finding the stickers and that she could beat me at finding them any day. Picking out her prize, she went back to her room to have her lunch that had just arrived.

There is no better way to experience something you are passionate about than to be there and witness it firsthand.

Can’t wait to see where the next 13 weeks take me! Sorry for a short post. Not sure how long they will end up being over the next couple of weeks (I will just be lucky if I get to update regularly! Lol).


Until Next Time!

First Day!




TODAY WAS THE DAY! After a journey that lasted 2 years, I was finally able to begin the final piece to graduation. I STARTED MY CHILD LIFE INTERNSHIP! I am so excited for this journey! Can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Until next time!

P.S. Sorry for the short post.

Lily Pads—One Kids Legacy to Help Hospitalized Children

Being in the hospital is stressful, exhausting, boring and to be honest—scary. Especially if you are a child. No child wants to be hospitalized and spend days looking at four walls.

Maybe the child could go to the playroom, play a game or even go for a while. But what happens if the child is too weak to even take a walk around the unit or visit the playroom?

Nick Konkler had spent his entire life in and out of the hospital. At the age of four he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and then later Leukemia. As he spent time in the hospital, an IV pole was with him every step of the way…

“You are connected to this pole 24/7, so if you have to get up to do anything, the pole goes with you,” Nick’s mom, Christina told Today (source from Today Show).

During one of his visits to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, Nick observed a little girl trying to walk with her pole, but she was too weak to do so. That was when the lightbulb went off.

Nick’s idea was to build a “lily pad” for the IV pole. “lily pads” are a skateboard like object that attaches to the base of the IV pole. This allows patients to get around the hospital easier. They can sit on the board while someone pushes them or the child can walk next to their pole and ride when they become tired.

These boards also add a sense of normally to the child’s life. By having the opportunity to “skate” through the halls of the hospital, and to have their favorite character with them makes the child feel more at ease during their stay.

lily pad pic



However, before Nick could see his idea come to life, he passed away in February of 2015. After his death, many of the students at his high school came together one Saturday to help finish the project Nick thought so much of. These students helped build Nick’s legacy to the many children of Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

Eventually the “lily pads” were complete and delivered to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital; where children welcomed their new ride with laughter and smiles. Now children could ride in style down the hallways of the hospital.

Happy Child Life Month! Until next time!

March is Child Life Month…. How Child Life Students Can Take Part!



Child Life Month pic.

Only 500!? Try more along the lines of 800 maybe more!


Each month it seems like there is always some sort of awareness. American Heart Month, Mental Health Month, breast cancer awareness month and so many others! The list is never ending. You name it and there is probably a day, week or month dedicated to it (literally, I have even seen something for national bubble week…this goes with CLM, but still…weird).

With that said, there is a month dedicated to the amazing field known as Child Life!  Child Life Specialist dedicate their careers to helping children understand their medical conditions, medical procedures, and they provide age appropriate actives, use words that children can comprehend and makes sure children are able to cope effectively during their hospital stay. A Child Life Specialist notices the smallest of things and makes it their top priority.

Last year, I talked about Child Life Month and how the healthcare team (and even the CL team) could partake in this month-long event! (URL:

This month I will be talking about Child Life Month from a student’s point of view. As most of you know, I will be starting my child life internship in April (32 days!) so therefore, I won’t be taking part in Child Life month at my hospital, but I can still take part as a student.

How can a student do that you may be asking…

  1. Repost any article, picture or video talking about child life month (or even child life in general). (my favorite CLM video!)
  1. Volunteer with children (it can be sick, healthy or special needs). i.e. local children’s hospital, Make A Wish, subbing at a school or spending time at a special needs camp.
  1. Make a video on why child life is important. Also, put in the video why child life is important to YOU. Did you have a hospital experience as a child? Did your sibling have a hospital experience? What? We all have a child life story. Tell yours.
  1. Write a blog post on Child Life month or why child life is important. Like the video, but you can use a lot of cute pictures!
  1. Attend an event geared towards children (i.e. teddy bear clinic). *I have always wanted to take part in this type of activity.


  1. Celebrate with other students. This can be at your school or even through facebook (it is amazing what technology can do).

If you are a Child Life Student know that no matter where you are in your journey, you can still take part in this amazing month celebrating our (future) profession, and make an amazing impact on a child’s life.

Happy Child Life Month everyone! Until Next time!


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